Junior Sailor of the Quarter

By Mass Communication Specialist Seaman A. O. Tinubu, USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) Public Affairs

ARABIAN GULF – Personnel Specialist 3rd Class Gabriele McStanislavCudjoe was named Junior Sailor of the Quarter for the first quarter of 2016, Feb. 29, aboard aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75).

Truman is committed to recognizing enlisted Sailors who excel in their military and professional performance. The Junior Sailor of the Quarter program is implemented to recognize Sailors who consistently perform above standards with an emphasis on outstanding achievements, deckplate leadership, exemplary personal conduct, military bearing, as well as command-wide and community contributions. Every quarter, each department nominates an enlisted candidate, E-6 and below that is deserving of the title.

McStanislavCudjoe has been assigned to Truman since Dec. 10, 2015. He recently earned recognition as an Enlisted Information Dominance Warfare Specialist, in addition to being an Enlisted Surface Warfare and Enlisted Air Warfare Specialist.

“Naturally I was excited,” said McStanislavCudjoe. “Everybody on the board was extremely qualified, so I can only imagine how difficult it was for the panel to make a decision. Personally, I’ve been trying to go the extra mile and I’m grateful I was selected.”

McStanislavCudjoe credits his achievement to his departmental and command-level involvement. He is involved with the command Sexual Assault Prevention and Response team, and hold posts as the medical representative and mail petty officer for his department.

Additionally, McStanislavCudjoe is an active member of the Multicultural Committee, an organization that promotes cultural diversity on board the ship.

McStanislavCudjoe said earning Junior Sailor of the Quarter can be linked to the support he receives from his chain of command and other Sailors on the ship.

“I’ve had the privilege of having many mentors since I checked aboard Truman,” said McStanislavCudjoe. “They have all contributed in making this award possible for me.”

Personnel Specialist 2nd Class Nana Gyansah works closely with McStanislavCudjoe in the Personnel department.

“When McStanislavCudjoe first came to Personnel as a Seaman, I was impressed by the way he actively sought out guidance,” said Gyansah. “I did my best to advise him on how to progress in rank and better himself.”

Gyansah said McStanislavCudjoe’s drive is the propelling factor behind his success.

“I’ve been working in Personnel for approximately four years,” said Gyansah. “Throughout my time here, McStanislavCudjoe has been one of the most motivated junior Sailors I’ve ever met.”

After about a year in Personnel, McStanislavCudjoe began temporary assigned duty in Wardroom 3 (S-5) as a food service attendant. After just two months, he made a positive impression on his leadership.

“He’s always eager to get things done and help people out,” said Chief Culinary Specialist Christian Morrison. “He does his tasks without complaint, and requires minimum supervision. It’s not surprising at all to see that he’s achieved this goal.”

Since joining the Navy McStanislavCudjoe obtained a Master’s Degree in Intelligence Management. He aspires to become an Intelligence Officer.
McStanislavCudjoe advises Sailors to find their way in the Navy by putting their best foot forward everyday to achieve success.

“You have to work hard,” said McStanislavCudjoe. “Spend time developing yourself. At the end of the day it all pays off and you will be proud of yourself.”


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