Truman’s Sailor of the Quarter

By Mass Communication Specialist Seaman A. O. Tinubu, USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) Public Affairs

ARABIAN GULF – Logistics Specialist 1st Class Dustin Vest was named Sailor of the Quarter for the first quarter of 2016, Feb. 29, aboard aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75).

Truman is committed to recognizing enlisted Sailors who excel in their military and professional performance. The Sailor of the Quarter program is implemented to recognize Sailors who consistently perform above standards with an emphasis on outstanding achievements, deckplate leadership, exemplary personal conduct, military bearing, as well as command-wide and community contributions. Every quarter, each department nominates an E-6 enlisted candidate that is deserving of the title.

Vest has been in the Navy for 11 years, and assigned to Truman for more than a year in the Supply department.

“I was honored to have even been considered for the award,” said Vest. The caliber of the other first class petty officers was more than impressive. It was a privilege just to be in the running, and a pleasant surprise to be selected.”

Vest credits his achievement to his positive attitude and his habit of going above and beyond to help out other Sailors. His passion of helping other Sailors in need is evident in his extra duties outside of his rate, more specifically, his role as a command sponsorship coordinator aboard Truman.

Command sponsor and indoctrination programs are designed to facilitate the adaptation of Sailors and their families into new working and living environments. They also minimize the anxiety associated with a permanent change of station move, and afford Sailors and their families the greatest opportunity for a successful and productive tour of duty.

“Mentorship is an important tool for your Sailors because you’re helping develop your future in the Navy,” said Vest. “We’re all on one team and we rely on each other to facilitate personal and professional growth in one another by sharing knowledge.”

Chief Ship’s Serviceman Atini Ransaw is one of Vest’s mentors, as well as a member of his duty section. Ransaw expressed his sentiments on Vest’s mentorship abilities and excellence as a Sailor.

“He’s always willing to go above and beyond to help anybody in any section,” said Ransaw. He’s always upbeat with a positive attitude and ready to assist. He never passes the buck.”

Senior Chief Logistics Specialist Sunshine Ridgeway, leading chief petty officer in S-8, has worked closely with Vest. S-8 receives all the stores for the entire ship.

“S-8 is a large division with a lot of responsibility and a large work-load,” said Ridgeway. “But with the right Sailors in place, it works. “Vest is one of those Sailors that makes all of our responsibilities easy.”
Positive leadership has a strong impact on the growth of junior Sailors and the overall success of a division.

“Vest is what I would call a deck plate leader,” said Ridgeway. “He not only gives direction, but does the work with the junior Sailors. His leaderships style involves not only telling Sailors what to do, but showing them how to do it.”

Ridgeway said that this method of leading from the front is conducive to keeping a grounded viewpoint in the Navy.

“Besides being a very involved first class he has a large amount of humility,” said Ridgeway. “He remembers when he was an E-1 and our Sailors appreciate that.

Vest advised Sailors to find their way in the Navy by supporting those around them- passing experience, wisdom and skill to junior Sailors.

“Being a leader is more than just issuing orders,” said Vest. “Mentorship is part of our culture. Always take the time to help your fellow Sailor.”


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